January 18, 2021

Auktion av couture-klänning signerad William Wahlström x Peak Performance: till minne av Matilda

Designern William Wahlström har skapat en unik couture-klänning för Peak Performance till minnet av Matilda. William och Peak Performance har valt att skänka kreationen till MM Rapaport Hargin för att auktioneras till förmån för stiftelsens verksamhet. Från den 4 februari till den 15 februari ställer Peak Performance ut couture-klänningen i sin flaggskeppsbutik på Biblioteksgatan i Stockholm. Därefter kommer den ställas ut på NK på Hamngatan i Stockholm tills den auktionen avslutas den 23 februari. Gå till auktionen på Tradera här Williams design och den vackra historien bakom klänningen: En av de som berördes djupt när Matilda omkom var hennes nyfunna vän William Wahlström. William är designern som ett år innan olyckan kom i kontakt med Matilda för att skapa hennes bröllopsklänning. William slutförde brudklänningen hos Matilda i Engelberg och de kom varandra nära. Flera år senare, som en del av sin utbildning på Textilhögskolan i Borås kom William i kontakt med Peak Performances designers som gav eleverna i uppgift att tolka dunjackan. ”Andreas Eklöf, designer på Peak Performance kom till skolan och inspirerade oss till en uppgift där vi med vårt personliga uttryck skulle tolka dunjackan. Så fort jag hörde det, så visste jag att Matilda och min resa tillsammans inte var slut riktigt än. Jag ville på något vis hylla Matilda och med hjälp av Peak Performance som hon var en ambassadör för, visste jag att detta var ett bra tillfälle.” säger William Wahlström Den handsydda klänningen består av tre delar. En jacka med handsydda Peak Performance P:n i ett rapporterat mönster med kviltad textur i tre lager. En korsett, täckt av paljettyget Matilda bar i sin klänning, med hängslen i glittrande Peak Performance x William Wahlström-skrift. Samt en enorm dunkjol med släp som till överdelen är täckt med paljetter som för tankarna till gnistrande snö. Vi på MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation är otroligt imponerade av William Wahlströms arbete. Matilda skulle ha älskat denna klänning och vi känner oss både ärade och tacksamma för att kunna auktionera ut denna kreation som William och Peak Performance skänkt till stiftelsen. Auktionen påbörjas den 4 februari, och sträcker sig till den 23 februari. Gå till auktionen här In English: Auction of couture dress signed Wiliam Wahlström x Peak Performance Wiliam is a young Swedish promising designer. In 2016 he designed Matildas wedding dress and they became close friends. When Wiliam got the task to interpret the classic “down jacket” from Peak Performance during his design education, he wanted to make a tribute to Matilda. The created design is a master piece that he together with Peak Performance decided to auction and donate to the foundation. See more of his work here williamwahlstrom.com The auction is held at Tradera. Go to auction!
August 19, 2020

Season summary: The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation 2019/2020

Interview with Marcus Löwgren, project leader of the foundation Hi Marcus, tell us about the previous season, winter 2019-2020. What have you guys been up to? Thank you for asking! We had another great season for the foundation and I’m really satisfied with all the activations we accomplished this winter. Of course we were a bit lucky we didn’t have any physical activations planned during the spring when all ski resorts shut down around globally. Meanwhile, we managed several digital activations planned during the winter season. To start with we supported three different safety camps, arranged by our Foundation friend Hedvig Wessel, the inspirational One Edge crew and our Co-founder Mattias Hargin. They arranged three separate camps focusing on mountain safety, which all took place in beautiful Engelberg, Switzerland. A place that is close to our hearts since Matilda lived there for a long time. All camps were published as episodes on YouTube and other Social Media platforms in different formats and story lines. All with the same focus – to spread the important message of always learning more and prepare yourself before going out in the mountains. If you haven’t had a look yet, take a look and hopefully you will enjoy them and learn something new!  November is our busiest time of the year. 3rd year in a row the successful event “Pop Your Airbag” took place at Alpingaraget. As always, we offer the Stockholm community the opportunity to try and update their avalanche equipment. We had around 250 visitors and this year we introduced “The big POP”, where all participants triggered the Avalanche backpacks at the same time.  Another recurring event is the “Shades of Winter filmfest” which this year was held at cinema Sture in Stockholm. We helped out to put together the event in Stockholm, which is one of several stops around Europe. The tour is highlighting female athletes and filmmakers, both professionals as well as a few upcoming stars. Ended up as a great night and with a lot of inspirational content for the 200 visitors that came by. We are happy to work with Sandra Lahnsteiner on this project. Sandra and the whole Shades of Winter team are important ambassadors of the foundation.  The third and last event in November was the “NKSK Snow safety after work” in Stockholm. We invited 250 visitors for an after work together with our friends at NKSK (Stockholm based premium shop for sports and lifestyle) and strong support from brands such as RECCO, Peak Performance, Black Diamond, Mammut, POC, Arcteryx, Ortovox and Vibram, which all highlighted safety products in different ways. The focus from our side was also to create a relaxed evening, to give people the chance to meet their equals to chat about future plans over a beer and of course to share excitement for the upcoming winter. This evening NKSK also launched a limited clothing collection, where all profit from the sales went back to the foundation. We are very grateful for this project […]
October 23, 2019

Safety and inspiration in focus: The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation 2019/2020

It has now been over 3 years since our Matilda passed in the suites of an avalanche accident in Chile on the 17th of July 2016. The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation was founded shortly after the accident and has since aimed to push some of the questions Matilda cared most about . During the upcoming season 2019/2020 the foundation will organize a number of events to lift female skiers and increase focus on how to stay safe in the mountains. The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation works to inspire and support skiers and entrepreneurs in the skiing industry to pursue their dreams and goals. The organization strives to improve equality both within and outside the world of skiing and to increase focus on safety. During this coming season, the foundation is organizing various events to highlight these issues and topics. To make this possible, we have gathered some of the world’s most prominent skiers, mountain safety experts and suppliers of snow safety gear. The events during season 19/20 are the following: Pop Your Airbag 5th of November at Alpingaraget in Stockholm For the third year in a row we are hosting the successful “Pop Your Airbag” event at Sweden’s No.1 ski shop Alpingaraget. Visitors will get the opportunity to test their own avalanche backpacks, update their transceivers and mingle with experts and suppliers in the industry of mountain safety. Alpingaraget is also offering extra good prizes on selected safety products! Everyone is welcome and the registration is done through the link below. popyourairbag.confetti.events Shades of Winter FilmFest 21st of November at Biograf Sture in Stockholm For the second time, Shades of Winter and professional freeskier Sandra Lahnsteiner are coming to Stockholm for this mini-ski festival and we are co-hosting. This year the festival will take place at a bigger cinema to fit even more guests! Sandra own words about the evening: “The #shadesofwinter FilmFest is revealing the power of strong and inspiring female athletes and their work in front of and behind the cameras. This is a great opportunity to get into the right mood for your own adventure and the upcoming winter season, meet the professional athletes and connect with like-minded souls in the community.” Some of the athletes who will be on site to present their films are Nadine Wallner, Lorraine Huber, Hedvig Wessel, Janina Kuzma, Evelina Nilsson and Sandra Lahnsteiner. The tickets were released on the 8th of October at: https://ticketorganizer.at/event/1449-preview?lang=en&preview=1&t=201910071210&fbclid=IwAR2rmSqWBIWP5CW2Xk58ePdU3ssOXZBYJlUjEpkzD9uKF3mfjHGi0uL2_nk NK Safety Weeks the 22nd of November – 7th of December in Stockholm Newly opened NK Sport in Stockholm city is one of Europe’s most modern and most technical sport shops. NK Sport, with support from the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation, will for two weeks highlight products that are necessary equipment for safe skiing on the mountain. Avalanche backpacks, transceiver, shovel and probe are examples of those products. The campaign weeks are starting off with an “after work” on the 22nd of November in the NK Sport store where the guests will have a chance to try […]
March 15, 2019

City avalanche training

Avalanche training in the middle of the city? Yes, that´s what you just read! Following up on our previous event, the successful Pop your airbag at Alpingaraget in Stockholm where we highlighted the focus of having the right equipment, learning how to use it and the importance of how to update you gear, we created a compressed avalanche training in the middle of the beautiful city of Stockholm. The training took place at the 20-something-seconds-long slope called Hammarbybacken , that also hosts the annual world cup event in dual slalom. We invited 12 women, fairly unexperienced in this area, to participate in this compromised-city event-avalanche training to increase their knowledge about avalanche safety. We did this as we want to inspire more women to educate themselves in this area to create a safer environment in situations on the mountain and of course also inspire to ski more! We asked ourselves if it´s possible to create and accomplish an event such as this in this type of terrain. The answer we got to was, YES, why not? Let´s try it. On March 5th at we met up with the 12 participants and experienced mountain guide Andreas Bengtsson from Mountain Guide Travel in Hammarbybacken and started off the evening with a theory session inside. We got to learn the basics of avalanche terrain, what the mountain can tell us by just looking at it, how to avoid situations where you can end up getting caught by an avalanche and what type of gear to wear while going out on the mountain Participant Linnéa Jonsson explains “I learned how to think in order not to end up in a situation where an avalanche can be triggered. What type of equipment to bring. That it is important that you go with people who you trust that also have good knowledge in the subject.” Back to where we started, The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation want to increase safety on the mountain and we wanted to host an avalanche course where you can get both a theoretical part and also practice with your equipment. We believe that this part should be done by all freeride skiers every year, a standard procedure before, during and after the season. So, was Hammarbybacken in Stockholm big enough? Did we for example need 50 centimetres of powder to bury our transceiver? Participant and member of the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation Helena Rapaport explains “The best thing about the education was that it was easily accessible and yet so good and educational! It was my first avalanche training and I learned lots of stuff. Very smooth that on an everyday evening at “home ground” get to learn the basic knowledge of how avalanches and low range work”. Linnea agrees “Very good that the event was held in Stockholm and not in, for example, the Alps / Åre, as it shows how simple and accessible it can actually be to educate yourself in the subject, that you do not have to go […]