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We want to inspire and support skiers and entrepreneurs to pursue their passions. We strive to improve gender equality within the sport of skiing, and increase safety on the mountains.


If you wish to support our work to keep Matilda's inspiration alive, we are grateful for any contributions.

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Name: Stiftelsen MM Hargin-Rapaport
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July 11, 2017

Thank you!

  Dear friends and partners, Thank you for your contributions to the foundation. We are extremely grateful and moved by your support. Thanks to you we have had the opportunity to start up and create a solid ground for what we want to accomplish. Since the start in fall 2016 we have mainly focused on establishing a structure and getting the administration in place, but we are also happy to report that we have made a number of activations and participated in several events during the winter. Our major activations have been: Giving two young women the opportunity to develop as skiers and learn more about safety by participating in Shades of Winter Camp in Engelberg. Supporting a thesis on increased avalanche safety written by Gustav Scherrer at Umeå Universitet. The support for Gustav was both monetary and in mentorship form and we now see great potential for further development. Developing a product, through a partnership, that will be launched this fall and will be available in stores through out Sweden. Beyond this, we have had a many exciting meetings covering everything from future partnerships to interesting discussions with people who share our goal. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who gets in touch, shows their support, and comes with ideas. This foundation had not been possible if it were not for you! We will now take a short break during the summer and plan for next season. Enjoy the sun and we look forward to see you in the fall! /MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation through Mattias, Helena, Andrea, Arthur, Jesper, Petter, Mervi, Anna, Marcus, and Henrik
January 11, 2017

Meeting our Shades of Winter Camp participants

First of all, we would like to aim a big thank you to all the great people that made it possible for us to start the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation in memory of our loved Matilda. Our friends, family, and all the people out there that have donated and support the foundation, THANK YOU! Our first initiative as a foundation was to send two motivated women to Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp in Engelberg, and we are so happy we did! The camp was filled with safety awareness, inspiration, and a whole lot of skiing. Back from the camp, we took to opportunity to ask our MM Rapaport Hargin participants, Emilia and Nicky, and the founder of the camp Sandra Lahnsteiner about their experience: Hi Sandra! We understand that the camp was a success! Please describe it from your perspective. The camp was simply amazing! 15 girls from 8 nations: Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Andorra, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland The lack of snow was no problem at all, we rocked the snow, the girls were super motivated and ready for the new challenges, we skied the couloir in Steinfeld multiple times, jumped any rock between 30cm and 1m in there, skied lookers left of the glacier T-Bar, and had a safety session every day: Day 1: Basics about beacon, shovel, probe as well as avi reports, local information, daily routines and approaches, beacon checks and confidence in leading on and requesting your riding buddies to know at least as much as they learned Day 2: Full afternoon spent with beacon search, probing, shovelling and decision making. Day 3: RECCO & airbags along with tons of questions All girls told us they feel confident to share their new knowledge for backcountry safety and also, as they now know how to use the equipment, feel confident in making calls and requesting the same from the others they ski with. The group was amazing – so many interesting characters, tons of “WOW”-background stories and a spirit and love that was touchable. Matilda was present every minute. We talked a lot about her, shared memories, answered questions. The inspiration was all over. Emilia and Nicky please briefly describe your experience of the camp. E: A friendly, fun and forgiving environment for pushing ski technique and knowledge about avalanche safety further. The hotel, dinners and activities are bonus topping. N: In 4 words: It was a blast! What were the highlights? E: Of course skiing! The coaches gives you feedback, are positive, hard rocking and cheering. When you see how they perform, tackles bumps, cliffs or tricky parts it is much easier to imitate and try yourself. N: I felt a big connection with this shades of winter camp. It is really special to ski with female pro athletes! It was nice to hear all the stories from the girls attending. And yes you could feel some emotions going on. Because of Matilda. Being in Engelberg and missing her. She definitely was a connection. How […]

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Matilda Rapaport Hargin


Matilda was a caring, smart, supportive, determined, daring, passionate, and humble person who inspired many. She was also an extraordinary athlete and entrepreneur - pursuing a career in professional freeride skiing while running her own businesses.

Matilda’s passion for skiing started at the local ski club in Stockholm and she became one of the most talented young ski racers in Sweden. After deciding to follow her passion for freeride skiing she became a highly respected, beloved member of the freeride community. For several years she ranked in the top tier of the Freeride World Tour - winning the world’s hardest freeride competition, the Xtreme Verbier, in 2013 and the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in 2011 and 2016. Matilda also featured in several acclaimed freeski movies, such as the all-women productions Shades of Winter, Pure, and Between, and wrote for the international Women’s Health magazine.

Even though she loved skiing the most, Matilda also proudly pursued a career off the mountain. By the age of 27, she had graduated from Stockholm School of Economics, managed a hotel in the Swiss Alps for three years, and started two companies within consulting and recruitment. Her ability to follow her passion and at the same time pursue a different path made her unique, and a role model for young women.

Matilda was the most lovable person that you would ever meet - caring deeply for her husband, her family, and her friends. Considering the warm and genuinely kind person she was, it was sometimes hard to imagine how tough she was on the mountain. She was and always will be an inspiration.

Matilda passed away on July 17, 2016, only 30 years old, after she was caught in an avalanche while filming in Chile.


Mattias Hargin


Mattias is a professional skier who has competed with the Swedish National Team on the FIS World Cup for over 10 years. His career highlights include winning the 2015 Classic Hahnenkamm Kitzbuel Slalom, 4 World Cup podiums, 2 Olympic games, and 2 World Championship medals.

Favourite run: Ganslerhang, Kitzbühel

Andrea Rapaport


Andrea has long experience working with audit and assurance services at an international firm in Stockholm. Andrea has a M.Sc. from Stockholm School of Business.

Favourite run: Lundsrappet, Åre

Arthur Rapaport


Having spent his winters skiing in Whistler and Engelberg, Arthur is now working with digital media in Stockholm. He has a B.Sc. in computer science and a M.Sc. in business strategy from Linköping Institute of Technology.

Favourite run: Laub, Engelberg

Helena Rapaport


Helena is a promising alpine ski racer who made her FIS World Cup debut in 2015. Her skill in the slope has her labelled the “speed queen”. She is a member of Team Åre 2019.

Favourite run: Störtloppet, Åre

Advisory Board


Mervi Keskitalo


Mervi is an investment professional with experience in banking and startups. Mervi has a M.Sc. from Stockholm School of Economics.

Favourite run: Storstenshöjden, Örebro

Petter Widén


Petter is an experienced management consultant who has founded and developed several successful start-ups. Petter has a M.Sc. from Linköping University.

Favourite run: Among narrow trees in Japan and Tänndalen

Henrik Windstedt


Henrik has spent 15 years at the top of the freeride skiing scene, with one World Championship and six Nordic Championship titles. Henrik has also starred in major ski film productions and founded What! Camp.


Marcus Löwgren


Marcus is the global sales manager at Recco with a background in alpine ski racing and business development. Marcus has studied at Stanford University and Stockholm University.

Favourite run: Saltsjöbaden’s Slalombacke, Saltsjöbaden

Anna Kjelldorff


Anna is an experienced brand consultant with a background in marketing, digital, and retail development. She has a M.Sc. from Stockholm School of Economics, and is based in New York.

Favourite run: Gemsstock, Andermatt

Jesper Stenmark


Jesper is an entrepreneur with a background in civil engineering, business development, and alpine ski racing. He has a M.Sc. from Linköping University.

Favourite run: Gaff, Engelberg

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