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January 11, 2017
Welcome to Pop Your Airbag @ Alpingaraget
October 23, 2017
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Thank you!


Dear friends and partners,

Thank you for your contributions to the foundation. We are extremely grateful and moved by your support. Thanks to you we have had the opportunity to start up and create a solid ground for what we want to accomplish.

Since the start in fall 2016 we have mainly focused on establishing a structure and getting the administration in place, but we are also happy to report that we have made a number of activations and participated in several events during the winter.

Our major activations have been:

  • Giving two young women the opportunity to develop as skiers and learn more about safety by participating in Shades of Winter Camp in Engelberg.
  • Supporting a thesis on increased avalanche safety written by Gustav Scherrer at Umeå Universitet. The support for Gustav was both monetary and in mentorship form and we now see great potential for further development.
  • Developing a product, through a partnership, that will be launched this fall and will be available in stores through out Sweden.

Beyond this, we have had a many exciting meetings covering everything from future partnerships to interesting discussions with people who share our goal.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who gets in touch, shows their support, and comes with ideas. This foundation had not been possible if it were not for you!

We will now take a short break during the summer and plan for next season.

Enjoy the sun and we look forward to see you in the fall!

/MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation through Mattias, Helena, Andrea, Arthur, Jesper, Petter, Mervi, Anna, Marcus, and Henrik

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