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Skier, photographer and filmmaker – Charlotte Percle

This is Charlotte Percle. Charlotte loves skiing and is a very talanted filmer and photographer. When she finished her degree in Fine Art Photography in London she moved to Switzerland to combine her passions. Skiiing and competing in big mountain competitions and photography. When she got injured in a ski accident she dedicated a lot of time to also learn to master the art of film. 

Earlier this season Charlotte reached out to us and wondered if we wanted to support her by giving her the chance to participate as the filmer on the Shades of Winter Camp in Gastein this February. She wanted to go there to develop as a filmmaker, work alongside professionals and be part of a team that creates inspiring female ski films. That would be a great platform for her to learn and grow. We were impressed by her determination and wanted to do what we could to help her reach her goals. We gave Charlotte the chance to join the Shades Of Winter crew on the camp i Gastein. The result of that was really good films that is spreading a lot of inspiration and also knowledge.

Back from the camp, we took the opportunity to ask Charlotte a few questions about her and her experience from the camp.


What is it that you love about filming/photography and skiing? 

Skiing gives my everyday purpose – having goals every season and having these little achievements/failures gives me the sense of working towards something (even though it’s just making turns down a mountain). Filming/photography is similar – I have goals to improve my technique and it’s quite exciting as I am just at the beginning of the journey. The other thing I love about filming is that it forces you to be super aware of what is happening around you because you’re always looking out for a moment or a shot. Memories that I have from good days filming are really vivid.

What is you’re long time dream within this field? 

I don’t really have a specific big dream, there are lots of obvious big things like, work with Shades of Winter, TGR, Seeking Nirvana, Nimbus Independent, Jimmy Chin, going to Alaska, go heli-skiing, design skis like Eric Pollard. But that list could go on forever and I’m never going to do all those things. So for now I’d love to continue working with inspiring people, tell their stories and improve with each video. I’m really happy with how everything is going so far – I think I’m more about the little steps in the right direction.

Did you meet your objectives with the camp? 

I thin the camp went really well, we basically got perfect conditions to ski in and the girls on the camp were really stoked – you can’t help but catch the good energy. As far as completing all my goals, I’m pretty happy with all my footage and think that the videos have come out to plan. We’ll just have to wait and see how the next steps pan out.

What were the highlights of the camp from your perspective? 

The highlight was meeting everyone – we had such an amazing mix of people at the camp. Everyones open-ness and positivity was so uplifting to be around.

Also, experiencing a new mountain with all the snow we got was cool – in the winter sometimes I find it hard to leave Verbier because of work and it was a treat to get to go somewhere so beautiful and new.

What are the key learnings that you will take with you from the camp going forward? 

I think the main one is to be open and share your experiences – without fear of being judged.

What happens next for you?  

At the moment, I’m a little uncertain. February was really intense, I went from the Shades of Winter Camp to London and then came home for one week before flying to Japan for one week of filming. Lots of plans are forming and changing so it’s really hard to say. I definitely have some projects that I would like to focus on next season, so the next few months is going to be a lot of planning!

Check out @charlottepercle on instagram and her website to follow her work.

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