January 11, 2017

Meeting our Shades of Winter Camp participants

First of all, we would like to aim a big thank you to all the great people that made it possible for us to start the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation in memory of our loved Matilda. Our friends, family, and all the people out there that have donated and support the foundation, THANK YOU! Our first initiative as a foundation was to send two motivated women to Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp in Engelberg, and we are so happy we did! The camp was filled with safety awareness, inspiration, and a whole lot of skiing. Back from the camp, we took to opportunity to ask our MM Rapaport Hargin participants, Emilia and Nicky, and the founder of the camp Sandra Lahnsteiner about their experience: Hi Sandra! We understand that the camp was a success! Please describe it from your perspective. The camp was simply amazing! 15 girls from 8 nations: Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Andorra, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland The lack of snow was no problem at all, we rocked the snow, the girls were super motivated and ready for the new challenges, we skied the couloir in Steinfeld multiple times, jumped any rock between 30cm and 1m in there, skied lookers left of the glacier T-Bar, and had a safety session every day: Day 1: Basics about beacon, shovel, probe as well as avi reports, local information, daily routines and approaches, beacon checks and confidence in leading on and requesting your riding buddies to know at least as much as they learned Day 2: Full afternoon spent with beacon search, probing, shovelling and decision making. Day 3: RECCO & airbags along with tons of questions All girls told us they feel confident to share their new knowledge for backcountry safety and also, as they now know how to use the equipment, feel confident in making calls and requesting the same from the others they ski with. The group was amazing – so many interesting characters, tons of “WOW”-background stories and a spirit and love that was touchable. Matilda was present every minute. We talked a lot about her, shared memories, answered questions. The inspiration was all over. Emilia and Nicky please briefly describe your experience of the camp. E: A friendly, fun and forgiving environment for pushing ski technique and knowledge about avalanche safety further. The hotel, dinners and activities are bonus topping. N: In 4 words: It was a blast! What were the highlights? E: Of course skiing! The coaches gives you feedback, are positive, hard rocking and cheering. When you see how they perform, tackles bumps, cliffs or tricky parts it is much easier to imitate and try yourself. N: I felt a big connection with this shades of winter camp. It is really special to ski with female pro athletes! It was nice to hear all the stories from the girls attending. And yes you could feel some emotions going on. Because of Matilda. Being in Engelberg and missing her. She definitely was a connection. How […]
December 5, 2016

We support female skiers!

We’ve been overwhelmed by all of the wonderful applications to our two spots at Shades of Winter’s freeride camp in Engelberg. Thank you so much, everyone who applied! After reviewing all the applications, we’re happy to announce that MM Rapaport Hargin will give Emilia and Nicky the chance to develop their skiing, safety awareness and get inspired by the Shades of Winter crew in Engelberg. This photo of smiling skiers is from last years camp!
November 28, 2016

MM Rapaport Hargin supports female skiers

Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp Engelberg 15-18 December 2016 We are proud to offer two spots to Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp in Engelberg on 15-18 December 2016. We would like to give you the opportunity to develop your skiing and get inspired by the world’s best female freeskiers. This is something we are passionate about, to inspire more women to get on the mountain, and we are honoured to launch this initiative in Matilda’s hometown Engelberg together with the Shades of Winter Crew. Enter our Instagram contest to be eligible for one of our spots to the camp. How to Compete Post a photo of you, or of you and your friends, in the mountains on Instagram Motivate why you want to attend Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp Tag #mmrapaporthargin, #shadesofwintercamp, and #inspirelikematilda You need to have an open Instagram account so we can see your picture. The Camp Two candidates will be given attendance at Shades of Winter’s Freeride Camp in Engelberg, Switzerland on December 15-18, 2016. More information on what is included in the camp can be found here. Note: Travel to and from the camp is not included. Rules and Terms of Competition The competition is open November 28 – December 2, 2016 and is arranged by MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation. You have to be over 18 years of age to participate. Pictures posted on a private Instagram account cannot participate in the competition. The board of MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation will decide the winning candidates based on their picture and motivation. The board’s decision is definite and cannot be appealed. The two best candidates win attendance at the Shades of Winter Freeride Camp in Engelberg, Switzerland on December 15-18, 2016. More information on what is included in the camp can be found here. No travel costs or insurances are included in the prize. By entering the competition you verify that you have eligible insurance and can arrange and pay for your own travel to and from the camp. The winners will pay possible tax on the winnings. The prize cannot be traded for money. The winning candidates will be contacted via the comments field on their posts on Instagram by @mmrapaporthargin on December 4, 2016, and will be acknowledged on MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation’s website, Instagram account, and Facebook page. To be able to take part of the prize you have to contact info@rapaporthargin.com and give us your name. If the winner has not written to us within 24 hours of being contacted on Instagram we stipulate the right to name another winner. By posting your picture, writing your motivation and tagging it with #mmrapaporthargin, #shadesofwintercamp, and #inspirelikematilda you approve your participation in this competition, the terms described on this page and Instagram’s terms of use (https://help.instagram.com/478745558852511). You also verify that you hold the rights to the posted picture. We stipulate the right to flag any posts that are considered illegal or in any other way ethically or morally offensive. MM Rapaport Hargin owns the right to publish […]
November 25, 2016


Earlier this week we had the pleasure of auctioning three wonderful prints of Matilda. The participation in the auction was great and we are so grateful for all generous bids! The revenues from the auctions will go directly to the foundation. See more info on our Facebook page. Thanks to Mattias Fredriksson, Oskar Enander and Mattias Hargin for the help with the photos as well.